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Levelling up the world of work

The future is community-led. That’s why we created Wennect - the community-owned company that connects tech experts and enterprises in a new wave of disruption, where profits and ownership are distributed to all members.


Wennect's mission is to redefine these outdated work models by giving power to the community. We use Web3 to connect companies with pre-vetted top developers from the Wennect community without charging high fees. At the same time, developers can grow their network, build a solid pipeline of exciting remote projects, earn tokens, and use them to decide how the platform will grow—all while being part of the Wennect community that supports them and helps them grow.

What is Wennect?

Wennect is a community-owned company of the best Polish developers who help leading global companies scale and innovate. Based in Warsaw, Poland, we focus on finding the best local tech experts and connecting them with global remote opportunities.

How does Wennect work?

We’ve developed a platform that champions equality and transparency by applying blockchain technology. Clients know what they’re paying, and developers can decide how the Wennect platform evolves. All of this is possible by creating WNCT tokens and a voting program.

What does Wennect do?

Wennect helps Polish tech experts find high-impact, full-time opportunities with global companies that want to scale their teams. We focus on project-based, long-term remote opportunities.

We utilise half of the client’s fee to grow the community, creating a space for developers to grow, learn, and find exciting projects.

Our team

Meet the Wennect creators

Michał Gierczak
Dariusz Kornacki
Chief Operating Officer
Bernard Kasprzak
Chief Technology Officer
Szymon Paluch
Head of Tokenomy

For Companies

Web3 enables a more transparent system, whereby by creating a strong community and sense of ownership, we bring in top, committed experts and a transparent business model. From the start, clients know what they’re paying: developers rate, Wennect, and 19% fee. The Community-owned model attracts experts with a new mindset - people who want to build their future, take ownership, and grow with their company. The Wennect’s community-led business enables a high commitment, bringing everyone better results.


For Developers

Wennect’s focus is helping top Polish developers grow their network and skills using a community-owned model, where they have a say in how the platform is governed.

Wennect is built on blockchain technology, and by earning WNCT tokens, the power to make decisions is placed in the hands of the community, freeing us up to focus our efforts on building strong connections and engagement.  Tokens allow the profits to be distributed more equally amongs developers, who create success of Wennect. In addtion, they provide addctional income stream to the project fees.


Community tech leaders

Wennect Community Leaders are on-hand to offer you support and answer any of your questions.

Konrad Kokosa

CEO at • Co-funder of

I have been consulting IT projects for over a decade. As a Co-Founder and an author of the book Pro .NET Memory Management, I support the Wennect community by sharing my .NET knowledge.

Kacper Sieradziński

CTO at Dokodu, Youtuber

I am a web developer, Python enthusiast & trainer and PHP developer - this is the expertise I share with the Wennect community. I also run the "Kacper Sieradzinski" Youtube channel, where I educate future developers.

Kamil Dzieniszewski

Web3 Consulant & Front-end Developer

JavaScript Community Leader. I share materials about JavaScript and micro-frontend, a former organizer of Warsaw meet.js, and an advisor for web3 start-up. I share with the Wennect community my Frontend Development and JS knowledge.

Wojciech Harzowski

CTO & Co-Founder of Fungies

I am constantly exploring and building in the Blockchain space. I am the CTO and Co-Founder of - a company that provides infrastructure for Web3 games. I support Wennect with my knowledge of blockchain technology.

Kajetan Duszyński

Co-founder of Szkoła Dotneta

Creator of Szkoła Dotneta, vlogger, podcaster, and an entrepreneur looking to help as many people as possible to enter the tech world through .NET. In the Wennect community, I am eager to share knowledge in the area of .NET.


Krzysztof Odoliński
Business & Strategy
Dorota Zabłocka
Legal advisory
Norbert Uselis
Sebastian Strzałkowski
Blockchain advisory
Rafał Bill
New Product Development