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Refer and earn

As a Wennect member, you earn WNCT tokens for referring talented developers and global companies to the Wennect platform.

Wennect helps companies and experts scale their networks fairly, transparently, and flexibly. Help us grow by introducing us to new people, and earn WNCT tokens for each successful referral.

Work on great things together

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Make a referral

1. Fill out the form

Complete the form to join the program. If you are already a Wennect member, you can do it through your profile on the Wennect Platform. Otherwise, set up the Wennect profile.

2. Share referral link

Share your unique referral link to invite developers or great companies to Wennect.

3. Receive tokens

You’ll receive a WNTC token when your contact completes their profile successfully.


How does the payment work?

Before getting paid, you will need to submit your timesheet. Once the client accepts the timesheet, you can forward the end of each month's invoice to Wennect. Wennect pays you 100% of your declared rate without any charge via regular bank transfer.

How long is an average project?

The average project length currently is six months.

How much can I earn?

At Wennect, you set your hourly rate and get paid according to that rate. You can learn about typical Expert Rates in For Developers / How it works page. But in the end, you decide how much you want to earn.

How do I apply for projects?

You don't need to search for projects - Wennect selects relevant offers based on your experience, preferences, and availability. We will notify you about a new offer on the platform. If you agree to move forward with it, we will schedule the interview with the client.