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Finding the right people for your project can be time-consuming and costly. Wennect makes hiring top tech talent easy. We hand-pick the best Polish developers for you and help you onboard them so you instantly benefit from their expertise.

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Tell us about your needs

Schedule a call with a Wennect Talent Manager to discuss what you’re looking for. Once you’re ready to proceed, agree to Wennect T&Cs with a single click. Easy!

Get matched with experts

In 48 hours, get connected to a vetted top expert that matches your needs—onboard your expert in as little as 5 business days with the support of your Wennect Account Manager.

Start working together

Our experts track their time through the Wennect platform, meaning you don't have to manage timesheets manually.

Transparent costs
Developers rate+
15% Flat fee
Goes to community growth
Covers operational costs

Regular check-ins

After you hire a developer, we don’t just leave you to it. We offer ongoing support for day-to-day operations while ensuring our experts are engaged and happy.

No unexpected payments

Searching for experts on the Wennect platform is free, you only pay when you hire. Billing is done monthly.


How does the payment work?

The payments are made in monthly cycles. You only pay after the first month of the project has been completed. The developer fills in their timesheet, which you confirm. Upon confirmation, experts invoice Wennect, and we invoice your company. A 15% margin is added to the talent's rate.

How long does it take to hire?

You should see at least one profile in the first 48 hours following your request.

What is the hiring process?

The hiring process starts with a call with a Wennect Talent Manager to discuss what expert you are seeking. Next, we summarize the requirements and create a job description for you. After that, we start sourcing in our Community the best matches and present them via email. Finally, you can review the matches and set up interviews. Typically, this involves a first interview focused on soft skills and experience and a second interview on evaluating technical assessments. All interviews are conducted remotely.

How does the vetting process of expert work?

Before being accepted to Wennect, our team has one-on-one conversations with every candidate for the appropriate hard and soft skills: We scan the candidate's completed profile, assessing their self-reported experience. We speak directly to candidates and evaluate their English proficiency, domain expertise, and expectations. The best candidates are accepted and become part of the Wennect Community. Moreover, we welcome recommendations from our community members to ensure that the tech experts have a say in who is part of Wennect.

Hire Developers in 3 steps
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Discuss your needs with a Wennect Account Manager.

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In 48 hours, get connected with pre-vetted developers.

Start work

With the support of your Wennect Account Manager, quickly onboard your developer

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