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We connect you to projects for leading global companies. You decide which projects to work on, for what, and where from. You receive 100% of your rate and earn even more with WNCT tokens.

Trusted by global companies
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Create a profile

Add your details to create your Wennect profile

Step 2/4

Get vetted

A Wennect Talent Manager will contact you to discuss your skills and experience. Once your profile is approved, you’ll receive your first WNCT token.

Step 3/4

Start your first project

All set! You’re ready to be matched to your first project and start earning. Need support? A Talent Manager is on-hand to answer your questions and offer guidance.

Step 4/4

Grow with Wennect

Work on projects and contribute to the Wennect community to earn more WNCT tokens. Use your tokens to access external educational resources or to vote on how the platform grows.


Payments made easy

Submit an invoice and we handle the rest.

01. Submit an invoice

Complete a timesheet through the Wennect platform, and  submit your invoice.

02. Confirmation

The client receives your invoice and sends back a confirmation.

03. Get paid

The client pays us, and we pay you 100% of your rate within 14 days. The client covers all the fees.

Expert rates

Senior iOS Developer
QA Engineer
PLN 175/hour
Mid Java Developer
PLN 200/hour
Senior Python Developer
PLN 180/hour
Mid React Developer
Fullstack Developer
PLN 280/hour
Solidity Blockchain Developer
Lead .NET Developer
Lead Android Developer
Senior Node.js Developer

Is Wennect right for you?

Minimum 20 hours of availability a week

Part-time projects (minimum 20 hours a week commitment) are sometimes available, but as most projects are full-time, you’ll get more matches by committing to full-time hours.

Middleweight + experience

If you have 2+ years of experience as a software developer or architect, Wennect for you. More years of experience? Excellent, you’ll be matched to more projects.

Remote first attitude

You can work wherever you choose, but most of our clients are based in Europe and the US, so a 4-hour time overlap with their timezone is preferable.

Communicate in English

Our clients hire developers who can confidently speak and write in English.

Ready? Let's go!


How does the payment work?

Before getting paid, you will need to submit your timesheet. Once the client accepts the timesheet, you can forward the end of each month's invoice to Wennect. Wennect pays you 100% of your declared rate without any charge via regular bank transfer.

How long is an average project?

The average project length currently is six months.

How much can I earn?

At Wennect, you set your hourly rate and get paid according to that rate. You can learn about typical Expert Rates in For Developers / How it works page. But in the end, you decide how much you want to earn.

How do I apply for projects?

You don't need to search for projects - Wennect selects relevant offers based on your experience, preferences, and availability. We will notify you about a new offer on the platform. If you agree to move forward with it, we will schedule the interview with the client.

Join as Developer in 3 steps

Create a profile

Add your details to create your Wennect profile.

Get Vetted

A Wennect Talent Manager will call you to confirm your skills and experience.

Start work

You’re all set! We’ll match you to exciting projects for leading global companies.

Work on great things together

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